School Council

School Council, Prefects and House Captains

Our school council was formed in 2003 to give our students a forum to speak and to ensure their voice is heard.

The council is a democratically elected group of pupils who represent their peers and enable students to become partners in their own education, making a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.

The School Council meets weekly under the guidance of the Senior Teacher. Minutes of the meeting are placed on a school notice board.

All classes have a school council book which is used to gather ideas. At least twice a year the School Council lead a school assembly.

Classes from Year 1 to 6 are represented by 2 elected members. The class representatives speak to their class and then to the council. Following meetings they report back to their classes.

The impact of the School Council is noticeable in two main areas: firstly teachers can be sure that all pupils have an opportunity to suggest changes to school life, secondly the impact of being a councillor leaves pupils with a real understanding of corporate responsibility and civic pride which continues to impact on their behaviour both in and out of school.

The School Council have an annual budget that is spent on School Improvement.

Prefects are nominated by teachers as pupils who are role models for behaviour and attitude to school. Prefects are given high profile and high status in school. They are confident pupils who take seriously their responsibility to model a conscientious approach to school.

House Captains are selected from Year Six, this gives an opportunity to encourage those pupils who may not easily fit the role of prefect. These pupils channel their enthusiasm into organised team events and celebrations.