Special Educational Needs


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Inclusion of children within Fairways Primary School that have Learning difficulties and / or Disabilities.

Fairways is recognised as a school where all pupils, irrespective of their academic ability or disability, are supported to reach their full potential. 

If a pupil has a medical condition, or learning difficulty, staff within the school will liaise with the parents and other professionals throughout their time in the school. All staff aim to find out as much as they can about the pupil so that the right support is given, at the best time, to enable the pupil to access as much of the curriculum and extra activities as possible. Staff aim to make the children as independent as possible.

We know that when a pupil first starts a new school, there is often a readjustment period, when behaviour and performance may not reflect a pupil’s true ability. We are careful not to make any judgements until a pupil is fully settled into the new environment.

The school follows the Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0 to 25 Years . If there is a concern about a pupil, they may be placed on one of the ‘Stages’ within the Code of Practice. It is likely that an Individual Support Plan will be set up where specific targets are set, which the pupil is expected to achieve within a set time frame. The targets that are set may cover academic work, behaviour or social skills. They may also be related to physical or speech therapy programmes where staff within school carry out a programme that is set by a therapist.

Every pupil is welcome and valued.