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Foreign Languages


The intention of the Foreign Languages curriculum at Fairways Primary School is to foster a curiosity and passion for learning languages through the teaching of French. We offer our learners the opportunity to explore foreign languages in a stimulating environment; enabling them to gain the knowledge and develop skills which they will be able to apply as they grow into global citizens.



French is our focused foreign language; high quality teaching is delivered in relevant and stimulating ways, making cross-curricular links where appropriate. Through our progressive curriculum, children gain an appreciation for French cultural traditions and understand the importance of learning a foreign language. Children in Key Stage 1 are introduced to the French language through songs, rhymes and games. These foundations are built upon in Key Stage 2, where children develop their confidence in Reading, Writing and Speaking and are given opportunities to apply their learning in a variety of contexts in accordance with the framework within the National Curriculum. 


In KS2, dedicated lessons are planned with reference to our Medium Term Plans which develop progression and depth. Knowledge and skills are taught using a variety of themes to engage the learners with real life situations and events which they can relate to. Comparisons are made with the English language and their understanding of grammatical terms and structures are applied to their learning of French.               



By the end of KS2, our learners will have emerged with the confidence to speak, read and write in French. These language learning skills enable our learners to compare and contrast languages – a skill which can be applied in the future with many different languages. They will have a natural curiosity and confidence to explore other countries and languages. Our learners will be prepared and engaged to continue language learning at secondary school. They will appreciate the importance of being able to communicate effectively with others in a multi-lingual society.