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Year 1

Thursday 4th May 2023


This week in PSHE, Year 1 have explored identifying different feelings and expressing them through the text 'The Colour Monster.' We read the book together and recognised how The Colour Monster was feeling in different parts of the book and why. These were linked to different colours and we discussed our favourite colours and what colours we think match different emotions. We created our own Colour Monsters and used different colours to explore how our monsters could be feeling and why. 

Friday 24th February 2023


This week, Year 1 have been exploring the Gingerbread Man story.  To link our English and other areas of the curriculum together, we embarked on a DT project to design and decorate our own gingerbread men.  

Tuesday 13th December 2022


Well done to all of year 1 for an amazing performance!

Monday 21st November 2022


To complete our Music workshops, we have learnt how to write a song. Ollie and Megan from The Song School helped us to gather together our ideas, put them into sentences and add them to music.

This workshop was fully subsidised by Music on Sea supported by funding from Arts Council England. You can find out more about Music on Sea by visiting

Friday 18th November 2022


This week in Year 1, we have been having some lovely adventures. To support our learning in English of the Stick Man story, and our leaning in Science about animals we took a trip to Belfairs Woods.  Its was wet and muddy but fun was had by all!

Last week in Geography, Year 1 were been learning about maps.  We looked at an ariel photograph of our school and took a walk around the grounds to identify areas shown on the map.  We then created our own maps of the school.  We have also been using Now>Press>Play to listen and act out a magical journey following a map, learning about North, South, East and West.

Tuesday 1st November 2022


In our Music lesson today, we worked with Ollie and Megan from The Song School. They are going to be working with us over the next couple of weeks to learn a song, with some signing too, and find out what it takes to write a song.

Today, we learnt the importance of warming up our voices and started to learn the song 'Three Little Birds'.

Thursday 20th October 2022


In Year 1 we have been having lots of fun in English, learning about instructions.  We have been writing our own instructions and to help us, we have been creating, making and of course eating our very own Ice Creams.

Year 1 have been out in the fresh air, enjoying a bit of free play in the adventure playground.

Thursday 6th October 2022


This week in English, Year 1 have been talking about, designing and labelling their own Ice Creams.  They have also had the opportunity to then create their own paper versions, before creating the real thing next week to support our instructional text writing.

Thursday 29th September 2022


In Science this week, we have been looking at our sense of smell. The children were given several pots to smell and try to identify.  We talked about which ones we liked and which ones we did not and why.  The children had to identify which two pots had the same smell. 

Thursday 15th September 2022


This week Year 1 have enjoyed participating their music lesson, thinking about beats and rhythm.

In Science we have been learning about our senses.  This week we have been talking about our sense of taste.  To support this the children took part in a taste test.  Some of the items were more greatly received than others!

Thursday 8th September 2022


Year 1 have made it through their first full week! It has been very different to Reception, but everyone has worked very hard and been very grown up.  Here are some of this week's highlights.