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Year 1

Monday 5th February


'We have started exploring Christianity in our RE lessons. We have learnt that this is one of many major world religions. Christians may read the bible and learn from its teachings. We have been exploring the bible story of Jonah and the Big Fish. We watched a video of this and read a text to then explore how we could create our own freeze frames of moments from the story. See below some of the children's exciting and thought-provoking freeze frames. They depict 'The Storm', 'Jonah being thrown into the sea', 'God asking Jonah to travel to Nineveh to help the people' and 'The people of Nineveh choosing to get along and make good choices.' 

Monday 15th November 2023


At Fairways we are so lucky to have such large places to explore during Walk and Talk. Year 1 have enjoyed exploring the larger playground during Walk and Talk. We take a break from our indoor learning to go outside, get some fresh air, move in different ways and have an opportunity to talk to one another. It is really important in maintaining our positive wellbeing and ensuring we feel refreshed and ready for our next learning task when we are back inside. 

Friday 3rd November 2023


Year 1 made lemonade in their English lesson. We had great fun exploring instruction texts and their features - including the use of bullet points and lists. We read and followed a recipe as a class and discussed the 'bossy words' (imperative verbs) within the text. We discussed the importance of the numbers in an instruction text and how they help order the information. Children were then asked to cut and re-organise instructions into the correct order. They then used what they had k to independently write their own recipe for 'Making Lemonade' in their writing books. Can the children explain what is happening in the pictures to you at home? Can they remember the sentences they wrote for them?