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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Year 4 have been making Anglo Saxon shields for their art project. We used a range of skills and materials.

Thursday 11th March 2021


Class 9's superb Anglo-Saxon houses. Lots of skill, imagination and patience needed!

Tuesday 9th March 2021


Class 10's Anglo-Saxon houses that were made during home learning.

Friday 6th March 2020


We are really enjoying re-enacting our Anglo-Saxon story, Freedom For Bron.  Here you see the fearsome and bloodthirsty Jutes ready to attack!

Wednesday 4th December 2019


During our science learning about sound,  we used a tuning fork immersed in water to "see" the sound through the vibrations (and splashes) it made. As you can see it was rather awesome and created a lot of laughter!

Friday 29th November 2019


 ... and Christmas begins! This week we made cards as they would have been in Victorian times.

Thursday 14th November 2019


As part of our Ancient Egyptian theme, we each made a mummy and sarcophagus, practising a range of dexterous skills (particularly how to get messy with Modroc).

Wednesday 6th November 2019


As part of our cross-curricular geography and science work, we have been learning about the water cycle.

Yesterday, we proved how it is continually occurring with hot water, ice, tin foil and bowls!  Perhaps your child could explain to you this process.

Thursday 24th October 2019


As part of our theme of ancient Egyptians, we made our own hummus, first eaten by Egyptian and middle eastern cultures.

We had the convenience of using food mixers but had to be very mindful of safety.

When it was made, most of us ate some with pitta bread warmed, in class, in our portable oven.

Monday 14th October 2019


In English, we have been reading the book and watching the film of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Last week, we used the story create scenes in play script.


Watching the film.

Writing the script.

Practising the script.

Performing to class.

Wednesday 9th October 2019


In Science, we had fun melting chocolate and then letting it go solid again.  We used the cooker and had to ensure we understood how to stay safe.


While we waited for the chocolate to solidify, we enjoyed  Now>Press>Play, our immersive and imaginative resource; interacting with the Changing States of Matter experience.

Thursday 3rd October 2019


As part of our science theme of States of Matter, we have been investigating melting.  We carried out an experiment to see the effect of how quickly ice melted when salt is added.

After reading and watching "The Secret Garden", we visited our school's very own garden and made notes about what we could see, hear, touch and how we reacted to it, to use in our extended writing lesson.

Thursday 19th September 2019


In History this term, we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians and as part of this theme. In Art, we recreated  the golden, bejeweled neck collars worn by the rich.  Ours, of course, were cardboard and paint! 

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