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Year 6

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Thursday 10th October 2019


We challenged our mental maths skills today in Class 13 with some Countdown fun!  The children have asked for the website to be posted so they can play again at home.  Perhaps you could play against each other?

Tuesday 8th October 2019


Instruction texts are our focus in English lessons at the moment.  Mrs Brierley found an old war-time recipe for Carrot Cookies.  The instructions weren’t very detailed or easy to follow so we re-wrote them and used our versions to cook these war-time classics. 

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Picture 3
Picture 1

Friday 4th October 2019


It was all hands on deck as the children followed some quite complex instructions to make their own model of an Anderson Shelter!

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Picture 2

Friday 27th September 2019


Year 6 were extremely lucky today to have a local resident, Jim, and his friend Vanda in to visit.  Jim shared his experiences as an evacuee during World War 2.  The children were fascinated to hear his stories and enthusiastic to ask him questions. 

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Wednesday 25th September 2019


We have read up to Chapter 7 of Goodnight Mr Tom in our class sessions now.  Has your child talked to you about the book at all?  Perhaps ask them to describe the main characters or give you a summary of the story so far. (Please don’t watch the film together as we will be studying sections of this together in class as we progress through the text.)

Our extended writing tasks have been focused on letter writing.  Perhaps you could think of someone for your child to write a letter to and await a response? 

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Duxford Imperial War Museum  Click HERE to visit the website


Tuesday 17th September 2019


We’ve had a fantastic trip. The children have been great company, fascinated by the exhibitions and full of questions. Here are a few highlights from the day to help your child remember all the amazing things to talk to you about. This Saturday is Duxford’s Air Show so we’ve been lucky enough to watch them practising.