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Thursday 16th July - Year 6 Bouncy Castle Day

Monday 9th March 2020


We began our new text today: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Phillip Pullman.  This started our move into learning about China and we were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Carr.  Mrs Carr has travelled to China (Shanghai and Beijing) through work and had a great supply of resources to show us.  The children were fascinated and made notes about the things they have learnt.  We have challenged them to find further information about China through their own research.  

Friday 6th March 2020


This afternoon, we returned to our partners in the Reception classes to read them the stories we had written for them.  We had made our stories into individual books that later in the year we will give to our partner. 


“My partner said it was the best book they’d ever heard,” Brandon.

Friday 6th March 2020


We were very lucky this week, in Year 6, to welcome ‘Mike Jones’ who ran workshops with both of our classes.  On Tuesday morning he worked with Class 14 and today with Class 13.  Mike is a local magistrate who through a programme called ‘Magistrates in the Community’ led us in discussions around laws and the justice system.  We even had the opportunity to run a mock trial – as seen in the pictures attached with children taking on roles such as defence lawyer, complainant and magistrates.  It was a fascinating experience for both classes and the children asked many questions.  We are sure they’ll be keen to tell you more about it at home. 

Monday 2nd March 2020


In Science lessons we finished our focus on light with a study of shadows.  We recapped the vocabulary of opaque, translucent and transparent and used this knowledge to design and make shadow puppets.

Wednesday 26th February 2020


We had fun learning to use compasses this week in our Maths lessons.  We learnt to measure the radius and how to convert this information to give us diameter of a circle.  We can also label parts of a circle: the circumference, arc, radius, diameter and sector.

Friday 14th February 2002


In Science lessons this half term we have been studying light.  We had lots of fun making periscopes.

Friday 10th January 2020


We have begun our new text – Shakespeare’s famous tragedy: Macbeth.  This week we have been working through the Scenes from Act 1 – here are some pictures of us acting out the scenes so far.  Please encourage your child to tell you about the plotline so far and their predictions for the play. 

Tuesday 7th January 2020


Today’s PE lesson was Scottish Dancing!


We listened to traditional music and learnt some positions and movements.  “It was really fun trying something from another culture.  Nobody had done it before so it was fun to have a go!”  Class 13 pupil


We learnt how to do high cuts:


And progressed onto Shredding:

Thursday 12th December 2019


Our mock election took place today, with pupils from Year 4,5 and 6 visiting the polling station in the Year 6 block. 

The results have been added up and there were 154 votes, two spoilt ballot papers and a few abstainers.  

A tight finish with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party receiving 56 votes, Boris Johnson and the Conservatives receiving 54.  The Brexit party had 8 votes, Liberal Democrats 8 votes and The Green Party 28 votes.  

Tuesday 10th December 2019


Year 6 were very fortunate yesterday to meet Vanessa from the Thames Explorer Trust who ran workshops for the children based on the River Thames.  We had an introduction into human settlements across history along the site and their uses and influences on the river.  We learnt about the river’s involvement in the trade industry over time. 


The workshops were full of fascinating facts – please encourage your child to tell you about what they learnt.

Friday 6th December 2019


Next week, on Thursday 12th December, the Year 6 pupils will get to vote in their own version of the General Election.  The children will learn about the 5 main parties and the leaders who are hoping to be elected as our next Prime Minister. 

Over the past couple of weeks, in English lessons, the children have been working on writing their own adventure story – set in World War 2.  The objective was to write the story in five parts and to insert examples of direct speech which moved the story onwards. 

The children attempted a ‘cold task’ version where they wrote the story independently then we spent subsequent lessons picking apart the separate sections of the story.  Below are examples of children writing setting and character descriptions which were inspired by models we had read from famous authors.  We acted out scenes from their stories in groups to help develop direct speech ideas.  In yesterday’s extended writing lesson the children wrote out their final versions of their Adventure Stories. 


Monday 2nd December 2019


We began this week’s Maths lessons, which are focused on using negative numbers, with a fun game.  Click HERE to see how the game is played.


Click HERE for the linked lesson on MyMaths that the children can also access from home.


Tuesday 26th November 2019


We are enjoying our yoga sessions on Tuesday afternoons.  The children have learnt several poses and balances and can complete them in a short routine.  Each week, Mrs Brierley has been able to extend the activities for challenge.  The relaxing 'do nothing pose' is one of the children's favourites and we have discussed using it as a technique for calming and focusing ourselves.  

Friday 22nd November 2019


This afternoon we discussed 'bullying' and what it meant and might look like.  We watched some video clips which we have added below and the children had any opportunity to share their comments.  


The children offered examples of times they had seen someone being treated unfairly by another and we talked through options for how to deal with these situations.  


Most of the scenarios offered by the children were set in the park and featured older children, whilst these were discussed our focus was on the school environment and how we should all focus on how behaviour can impact on each other.  

Friday 8th November 2019


This week we have been learning about Anne Frank and her family's experiences as part of the Nazi Party's persecution of Jewish people during World War 2.  We have debated laws and their purpose and the children have demonstrated passionate opinions we're sure they would like to discuss further at home. This website is a fantastic resource for further information.  In the next couple of weeks the children will be writing a biography of Anne Frank's life. 

Friday 25th October 2019


The children continue to be fascinated with our topic of WW2.  In our ICT lessons, they have used internet searches to find out information and are producing a formal presentation to show their classmates.  We will post a selection of these on our page when they are finished, in a few weeks time.  As part of our internet safety, when working in the ICT suite the children have to request to go online and discuss any search engine requests with an adult beforehand.  

On a Friday, Year 6 take part in practical maths sessions.  Today the children were developing their algebra work through games and linked activities.  They solved a word problem by getting the pieces of string described and physically cutting them; made their own versions of questions studied over the week and even fitted in our favourite: Countdown!

Thursday 10th October 2019


We challenged our mental maths skills today in Class 13 with some Countdown fun!  The children have asked for the website to be posted so they can play again at home.  Perhaps you could play against each other?

Tuesday 8th October 2019


Instruction texts are our focus in English lessons at the moment.  Mrs Brierley found an old war-time recipe for Carrot Cookies.  The instructions weren’t very detailed or easy to follow so we re-wrote them and used our versions to cook these war-time classics. 

Friday 4th October 2019


It was all hands on deck as the children followed some quite complex instructions to make their own model of an Anderson Shelter!

Friday 27th September 2019


Year 6 were extremely lucky today to have a local resident, Jim, and his friend Vanda in to visit.  Jim shared his experiences as an evacuee during World War 2.  The children were fascinated to hear his stories and enthusiastic to ask him questions. 

Wednesday 25th September 2019


We have read up to Chapter 7 of Goodnight Mr Tom in our class sessions now.  Has your child talked to you about the book at all?  Perhaps ask them to describe the main characters or give you a summary of the story so far. (Please don’t watch the film together as we will be studying sections of this together in class as we progress through the text.)

Our extended writing tasks have been focused on letter writing.  Perhaps you could think of someone for your child to write a letter to and await a response? 

Duxford Imperial War Museum  Click HERE to visit the website


Tuesday 17th September 2019


We’ve had a fantastic trip. The children have been great company, fascinated by the exhibitions and full of questions. Here are a few highlights from the day to help your child remember all the amazing things to talk to you about. This Saturday is Duxford’s Air Show so we’ve been lucky enough to watch them practising.