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Friday 12th July 2024


We were very lucky today to have Miss Zoe from Tiny Toes Southend come to visit us. The children took part in some Olympics themed dancing, whilst learning about some of the ballet positions. All of the children listened and followed instructions brilliantly! 


If your child enjoyed the session today and you would be interested in finding out more about the classes they offer please visit the following link: Essex Mid & South - Tiny Toes Ballet

Tuesday 2nd July 2024


We have been growing our own fruit and vegetables this year. On Friday, we tried some of our strawberries and made lettuce and carrot sandwiches. Children spread the butter and added as much lettuce and carrot as they wanted. Everyone agreed it was all delicious! 

Friday 21st June 2024


The children in Reception really enjoyed our fruit tasting this afternoon, inspired by the book Handa's Surprise. They had the option to try mango, passionfruit, avocado, orange, pineapple and kiwi! We really liked how sweet the passionfruit tasted and thought the pineapple was a bit sour! Some children had never tried these fruits before and we were really pleased with how happy they were to have a taste!

Thursday 13th June 2024


We have been lucky enough to have two visitors this week. On Monday Troy's Mummy spoke to us and told us all about Albania. We learnt to say 'hello' in Albanian and looked at the Albanian flag. Please ask your child if they can remember the hand signal Albanian people make when watching their national football team! 


Today Nelli's Mummy came in to talk about Scotland, we learnt that the blue part of the Scottish flag represents the blue sky and if we wanted to drive to Scotland, it would take more than 9 hours! The children were all very keen to hear about the famous Loch Ness monster!


We shared some French bread whilst learning all about France, we had to make sure we cut the bread in equal parts so it was fair for everyone.


Today we tried weaving paper, which was really tricky! Our aim was to make a tartan like pattern, whilst doing so we discussed kilts that are worn by Scottish men on special occasions. 

Wednesday 5th June 2024


Whilst learning about dinosaurs, we discussed that they may have become extinct because of volcano explosions. The children showed lots of interest in volcanoes so today we took part in a whole class experiment and made our very own volcanic eruptions! 

Tuesday 14th May 2024


This week we have been talking about road safety. The children used resources loaned to us from Southend City Council. Please ask your child what they have learnt and practice this as you cross roads.  Everyone will come home with a road safety booklet today that you can look at home. 


Please click HERE to watch the song we have listened to this week. 


Thursday 9th May 2024


We had a fantastic trip today visiting Steps Ahead at the Hive. The children took part in many activities such as model making, singing, dancing, nature trails, making a bird feeder, planting trees, making potions and lots more! All the staff commented on how well behaved and polite the children were and we are very proud! We have attached some photos and there will be more to follow!


If you would like to visit Steps ahead with your child; they offer fantastic events in the school holidays. Please visit their website for more information. Steps Ahead – Creative Journeys, Colourful Destinations

Friday 3rd May 2024


As part of our topic on Minbeasts this week, we have built a Bug Hotel in our outdoor area. The children collected pots, sticks and leaves and worked together to stack them inside the frame. We hope it will have lots of new residents soon!

Friday 26th April 2024


This week we have read the book Oliver's Vegetables. Today the children enjoyed exploring a few of the vegetables from the story! The looked at, smelt and felt them and we talked about how they are grown and how you prepare them to eat. Beetroot was the least popular - no-one liked the smell!!

Monday 22nd April 2024


Today some of the children in Class 1 and 2 went to explore the school pond. The children had turns scooping out the pond algae and looking for creatures. We also put some pond water in a tray and used magnifying glasses to look at the tiny insects. The children were very excited to find two newts! They then completed some observational drawings. We will be visiting the pond all week so everyone will have a chance to go and take part in some pond dipping. 

Friday 19th April 2024


The children have really enjoyed playing with the new mud kitchen that we were able to buy thanks to your generous donations at our Easter event. 

Tuesday 26th March 2024


The children enjoyed making Easter nests today. They melted chocolate over hot water and then mixed in some cornflakes. Then they spooned the mixture into cupcake cases and added a mini egg on the top.

Friday 15th March 2024


This week we have taken part in Science Week. This year's theme was 'Time'. We have been thinking about times of the day, months of the year and seasons. We have conducted a science experiment using two slices of bread to see how many germs are on our hands! We will be keeping an eye on the bread over the coming weeks to see what grows...!

Tuesday 27th February 2024


This week our theme is Spring. We discussed what we already knew about Spring before walking around the school grounds to find signs of Spring. 

Please ask your child what they have seen today and have a look around when you walk to school or in your garden.

Friday 9th February 2024


The children have enjoyed learning about Lunar New Year and to finish the week Mrs Chan and her daughter came in to tell us the story of the Chinese zodiac. They kindly gave each child a red envelope which contained a chocolate coin. Mrs Chan loaned us some decorations and traditional Chinese dresses to use this week. 


Children had a prawn cracker to try which they enjoyed! We have given every child a set of chop sticks to try! If you would like to send in a photo of your child using these, we would love to share the photos next week.

Thursday 8th February 2024


Today, the children went to the computer suite. We discussed what a mouse is, how to click, what a cursor is and the monitor. Children all tried navigating around a page using the mouse and used a drawing programme. The children had a great time and we are all looking forward to next week!

Thursday 1st February 2024


What a fantastic week we have had! Please see below a selection of photos from all of our special visitors. Last week, we met Dr Brooks who is a brain scientist, everyone was able to look through a magnify glass. On Monday, we welcomed John who let us all sit in his black cab. He told us that it takes 4 years to get to know all of the roads in London. Tuesday, we met Simal and Jade, Simal told the children how to keep their teeth clean and Jade explained her role as the office manager of a large dental practice. On Wednesday, Chris told us all about what it is like to be a Fireman, the children had lots of questions! Also, on Wednesday, we met Chris who is a foster carer and she explained how she looks after children. Thursday morning Mrs Marriot explained her job as a nurse and Thursday afternoon Mrs Carter told the children about her role as a Physiotherapist. We also learnt what a healthy poo looks like and how to keep our bodies healthy! Please share these photos with your child and continue the discussions we have been having all week about people who help us.

Tuesday 19th December 2023


It was lovely to have so many parents who were able to join us for our Christmas crafts this afternoon - thank you everyone for coming. The children thoroughly enjoyed making crackers, wreaths, gingerbread men, sleigh bells, reindeer food and a snowman biscuit!

Wednesday 6th December 2023


The Reception children loved going on a walk to the woods this afternoon! On the way down there, we looked for any squares and rectangles we could see, as we have been learning about these shapes in Maths. Whilst we were in the woods, we listened to the story, 'Stick Man' and then we collected sticks to take back to school so we can make our very own Stick Men later this week!

Friday 1st December 2023


The children were very excited to see snow this morning! We wrapped up and went out and played in it for a while. We tried to catch the snowflakes! We then had fun decorating our classroom trees and hanging up some of our decorations we have made this week. What a lovely start to December!

Thursday 30th November 2023


Today we had a fantastic time exploring the outside areas and investigating the frost and ice! We walked across the field and listened to the noises our feet made on the hard ground, we then looked very carefully at some frosty leaves.


This afternoon we have made some nature pictures and poured water over them hoping they will freeze overnight.


We talked about the sun melting the frost and making everywhere very wet!

Monday 6th November 2023


We all enjoyed our Autumn walk in Belfairs Woods!

Thursday 2nd November 2023


We have enjoyed reading the story Room on the Broom. We were lucky enough to be visited by the witch from the story. Children asked lots of questions and enjoyed listening to adventures the witch had been on. The children all made a magical wand and wrote the first letter from their name on it. We also had a go at following a Ghost Buster and Monster Mash dance!

Tuesday 3rd October 2023


The children really enjoyed their first experience of Now>Press>Play. They all listened carefully to the instructions that they were given to re-enact the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' They took on the roles of various characters from the story by using familiar phrases, actions and facial expressions- they particularly enjoyed the part where the wolf started coming down the chimney!

Friday 29th September 2023


The children had a lovely time this morning at their first Harvest Festival assembly at the church. They were extremely well behaved and joined in with the singing. Thank you for all your kind donations of food, it was much appreciated.

Friday 8th September 2023


The children have enjoyed their first sessions at school and we have been so proud of how well they have come into school.  They have been exploring the Reception base and making new friends. We look forward to welcoming everyone back next week.