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Learning at Home - March 2020 Lockdown (ARCHIVED)

Top Tips for Learning at Home


1. Don't try and replicate school – ‘Home Learning’ isn't the same as school and it shouldn't try to be. What teachers do in a classroom you can't always do at home and vice versa. Work within your resources and abilities and have fun exploring learning with your child.


2. ‘Home Learning’ should not become a burden. We do not want you to feel that our help and ideas are placing additional burdens on your family at this time. Please do what you can when you can, but concentrate first on making sure that your family is safe and happy. We are aware that every family have very different circumstances.


3. Establish a timetable/routine - but it must work for you and your family:


Wake up and get dressed like a normal school day > PE with Joe Wicks > English Activity > Break >            Maths Activity > Break > Enrichment Task > Exercise > Lunch > Free-time


Each activity may only last about 15-30 minutes. Children do not need to be learning for hours at a time. Again, this is only a suggestion and not an expectation. Only you know what will work best for your family.


4. Balance online time with offline time - Children don't need to be online all day - although there are some fantastic online resources which we have provided links to, try to balance the online work with books, practical and hands-on challenges.


5. Enjoy time together!  Enjoy the fact that you can spend some time together, whether it be ‘Home Learning’ or other activities - playing games, building dens, exercising  - time together is so important.


6. Have confidence in yourself - as a parent you have so much to offer. You know your children better than anyone else. You know what motivates them and excites them - use this to your advantage and tailor your approach accordingly.


7. Use your time to work together and teach your children new skills that will be beneficial in your household when this is all over – tying shoe laces, cooking, making a sandwich, dusting, hoovering, gardening, washing up or using the dishwasher etc.


8. Make sure you find time to relax - the whole of the country is in this together!