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Speech and Language Resource Base

The Speech and Language Resource Base is part of Fairways Primary School.


The school aims to help children with speech and language difficulties.  We encourage children to achieve their optimum potential by providing specialist teaching and intensive speech and language therapy in a supportive environment.  The Resource Base operates an inclusive policy tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.


Children with severe and specific speech and language difficulties as their primary needs may benefit from a placement at the Speech and Language Resource Base.


The children will have a language disorder or a significant language delay.


Our ultimate aim is to equip the children with the necessary skills to be successfully included in their own community and local mainstream school.


We specialise in helping children with difficulties in:

  • Understanding spoken language
  • Following the sequence of instructions
  • Understanding the meaning of words
  • Understanding the rules of conversation
  • Planning words in the right order and sentence construction
  • Using language productively in a social context
  • Learning and retrieving vocabulary
  • Formulating abstract concepts
  • Extracting the main points of information which is presented
  • Understanding inferences and subtleties of language e.g. metaphor
  • Integrating and generalising from information which is presented verbally
  • Learning and applying phonological rules
  • Sequencing and organising speech sounds
  • Articulating clearly


The Provision:

The Resource Base operates an inclusive model within the main school where children work alongside their mainstream peers.

Specialist teaching takes place within a language enriched environment in small supportive groups.

Speech and Language therapy is provided, as appropriate to the needs of each child.  This may focus upon developing receptive and expressive language skills, vocabulary, attention, listening and speech.


We have an ‘open door’ policy to all parents and there is daily and weekly contact.


All children who attend the Speech and Language Resource Base have been referred by the Local Authority.