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Wednesday 26th January 2022


Today, Class 9 were constructing a simple series circuit as part of our electricity topic.  It ended up being a lesson in perseverance as we could not all get the bulbs to light straight away.  We had more success with the buzzers and then drew simple diagrams showing the different symbols for the different circuit components.  Class 10 get to try it tomorrow!

Wednesday 19th January 2022


We are learning about the Anglo Saxons. We started talking about how they would have made their clothes from natural materials like wool and linen and how there would have been quite a process involved to then weave the fibres to make cloth.  We decided to have a go with paper weaving, with the idea of the paper card acting as the loom with 'warp' cuts and paper strips acting as the 'weft'. 

Tuesday 16th November 2021


As part of our RE curriculum this term we are looking at significant events in a person’s life and specifically some of the ways these are marked in different religions.  This morning, we were able to visit St. Aidan’s church to learn about how Christians sometimes have a christening or infant baptism when they want to commit their child into the Christian faith.  They were able to observe a ‘mock christening’ and ask questions.  Vicar Tarry then gave the children an opportunity to explore and look at some of the features in the church. 

Friday 12th November 2021


In Science this week we were exploring how sound travels through different mediums as vibrations, not only in air but through solids and liquids too.  We explored this in different ways but finished by making string telephones and seeing if we could hear our partner's message.  Many of us could! 

Wednesday 3rd November 2021


This term, Year 4 have enjoyed finding out about Ancient Egyptian jewellery. They made an Egyptian amulet and a necklace. They have also been busy designing and making an Egyptian headdress. The children really enjoyed the art activity (especially using the glitter!) Well done Year 4, they look great!

Friday 22nd October 2021


This afternoon, Year Four discussed how different web browsers are available on different operating systems.  Then we learned how to create a ‘favourite’ or ‘bookmark’ to save us time when using the internet.  Perhaps ask your children if they can name more than one browser and what their preferred browser is. 

Wednesday 20th October 2021


In French, we have been recapping numbers and animals this term (including plurals).  We have worked towards using that vocabulary in sentences with the verb 'avoir' -to have.  We used our speaking and listening skills to practise and then wrote some sentences. 

Thursday 7th October 2021


Year 4 have been looking at states of matter in Science and had investigated evaporation one week and this week they have been looking at melting solids into liquids (culminating with the children all getting to dunk a marshmallow in melted chocolate).