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Year 4

Wednesday 13th September 2023


This week, in History, we have been looking at artefacts from Ancient Egypt and what questions we could ask about them.  We also discussed the difference between primary and secondary sources of evidence.

Tuesday 12th September 2023


This week, in Science, we extended our understanding of solids, liquids and gases by exploring some of their properties.  Marshall demonstrated that he could move his foot in water because it flows.  We also looked at how liquids take the shape of the container they are in (the volume can stay the same whilst the shape changes).  We discussed that not all solids are hard and that gases spread out to fill a room (can you guess what we used as an example?)

Tuesday 5th September 2023


The children in Year 4 have had a great couple of days back, it has been a pleasure seeing them.


We started out new topic in Science today about States of Matter.  The children had some insightful ideas about how to compare materials.  We discussed items which could be grouped in a variety of ways for instance baked beans which are in a solid tin with solid beans but in liquid tomato juice, or gravy which can be made from solid granules but becomes a liquid with the addition of water.  The balloon is a solid object but full of gas.  Salt and flour pour like a liquid but are made of small solid particles.  There was a lot of great discussion.