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Wednesday 19th July 2023


The children (and adults!) had a lot of fun on our first 'Wash Day.' Thank you to everyone who helped to make our resources clean and sparkly again!

Tuesday 18th July 2023


Although Sports Day was called off on Friday because of the rain, that didn't stop the children from competing in their races this morning. The Red Team won a race in which they all balanced a quoit on their head, The Yellow Team won a race in which they balanced a beanbag on a tennis racquet, The Green Team won the jumping race and The Blue Team won the running race. The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were all rewarded with an ice pole for their efforts!

Tuesday 4th July 2023


We were lucky enough to take part in a Peter Pan workshop today. The children all joined in and took on the roles of various characters within the story.

Monday 3rd July 2023


To celebrate our new theme this week, we all had a go at making Peter Pan themed fairy cakes. The children enjoyed measuring the ingredients then mixing it all up before spooning the mixture into a cake case. After the cakes were cooked the children iced them and added an edible picture of Peter Pan or Tinkerbell.

Monday 12th June 2023


The children enjoyed listening to the story of 'Handa's Surprise' today. In this story there are lots of different fruits so everyone was very excited to taste some plums, pineapple and mango. We also cut open an avocado and passion fruit to see what they looked like on the inside.

Wednesday 7th June 2023


We have had a fantastic two days learning to ride bikes. Cycling instructions guided children through the steps needed to ride confidently and safely on two wheeled bikes. Every child took part in two 45-minute sessions and all made progress, whether this was using the pedals, cycling around cones or waving whilst cycling (the first step to being able to signal). Children who had only been able to ride bikes with stabilizers or use balance bikes where able to use the pedal bikes confidently. We are all so proud of all the children. 


We would recommend you take your children out on their bikes as soon as possible to they can show you their cycling skills!


Please see the website below which has details of activities happening in Southend-on-Sea run both in holiday time and at weekends as well as a free service to remove stabilizers and check the safety of your bike. 


Southend-on-Sea - ForwardMotion (

Tuesday 23rd May 2023


We have been discussing sharing during our Maths sessions. Today the children worked in small groups and were asked to share some biscuits equally between themselves! They did this very well and enjoyed eating the biscuits afterwards. 

Tuesday 16th May 2023


Today we have been learning about the Green Cross Code and road safety. Children had the opportunity to use special equipment we currently have on loan from Southend-on-Sea City Council. Your child will be bringing home a workbook titled 'The Journey'. Please take the time to look through this with your child and complete it together. You will also receive a copy of the Green Cross Code to share with your family.


For any more information about road safety please visit  Education resources – THINK!

Friday 5th May 2023


We have enjoyed a fantastic day today celebrating the Kings Coronation. We started the day joining in with a whole school assembly and singing 'New King' together. We had a picnic lunch on the field and played lots of fun games. Children have been learning about the Coronation all week, please ask them what they remember and any facts they know! 

Thursday 4th May 2023


Children in Class 1 and Class 2 enjoyed using our new tennis equipment this afternoon. 

Tuesday 25th April 2023


Today we visited Barleylands Farm, the children were very excited to travel by coach! When we arrived we had a busy day feeding the goats and sheep, having a very bumpy tractor ride, then we listened to the story of The Little Red Hen before making some delicious bread.

Wednesday 29th March 2023


Thanks you to everyone who attended our 'Easter Craft Afternoon'. The children really enjoyed showing off their creative talents!

Tuesday 28th February 2023


Today we had a very special visit from fire fighters who are based at Southend Fire Station. We had a tour around the fire engine and saw all the different sized hoses and where the water is stored. The children were then luckily enough to have a turn sitting in the seats in the cab before spraying water from the hose across the playground. 

Tuesday 21st February 2023


The children were very interested in learning about the ways Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in the different countries of the United Kingdom. Then they all chose which toppings they wanted to add to their pancakes and thoroughly enjoyed eating them! In the afternoon we had lots of fun competing in pancake races!

Friday 10th February 2023


What another fantastic week full of exciting visitors!


Monday - Nanny Animal came to visit and talk about her job as a veterinary nurse and all about the animals she rescues then rehomes.


Tuesday - Mr Phillips and his black taxi came in. The children loved having a turn sitting in the backseat of the taxi and even all had a go in the driver's seat!


Wednesday - PC Young joined us on the playground with his Police motorbike. The children asked some really interesting questions before all having a turn to sit on the motorbike! 


Thursday - We walked onto The Fairway to look at the road workers. The children were interested to see the hard hats, ear defenders and safety clothes that were being worn.

Friday 3rd February 2023


What a fantastic week we have had in Reception! Our topic has been 'People that Help Us' and we have been luckily enough to have lots of fantastic visitors.


Monday - Mr and Mrs King came in to talk about their roles as Nurses. The children enjoyed using the real life stethoscope! 


Tuesday - Joe Phillips, a Firefighter at Southend Airport. The children loved looking at all his equipment and trying on his uniform!


Wednesday - Mrs Morden spoke about being a Nurse for over 30 years! She showed us how long our intestines would look if they were stretched out in a long line!


Thursday - Mrs MacKenzie spoke about her job as a Clinical Research Assistant, the children enjoyed doing their own investigating with their magnifying glasses. 


We ended the week by listening to Mrs McHugh talk about her job as a secondary school English teacher and how she helps older children.


Please ask your children what they can remember about our visitors and if they have any other questions they would like to ask.


Thank you so much to everyone who came into school in their own time.


Next week we have more exciting visitors each day.

Monday 23rd January 2023


We had a wonderful day celebrating Chinese New Year! We have discussed how the New Year is celebrated and tried on Chinese clothing. The children have made Chinese lanterns which they will bring home later this week.


The day was finished off by a visit from Mrs Tan who answered the children's questions before serving them all some delicious Chinese food from her restaurant.  

Monday 16th January 2023


In our Maths lessons we have been learning all about the vocabulary of time. Today we focussed on sequencing events so the children followed instructions to make a jam sandwich. We introduced the time connectives 'first', 'then', 'next' and 'after'. Later in the day, the children sequenced pictures of the steps they took to make their sandwiches. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and particularly enjoyed tucking in to their delicious creations!

Wednesday 11th January 2023


Today we had some children from Year 3 come to share books in Class 1 and Class 2. Everyone was very excited to have our visitors and enjoyed getting to know then as well as sharing stories. This will be happening on a regular basis so all children will have this opportunity.

Tuesday 10th January 2023


Unfortunately, a very rainy start to the day meant that we couldn't make it out for our winter walk to the woods. Nevertheless, the children were still able to walk around the school grounds and look for signs of winter. They spoke articulately about the weather and really enjoyed jumping in all of the puddles!

Friday 11th November 2022


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Autumn walk in the woods this week. Thank you so much for all the sponsorship money we have received so far. We are so grateful and look forward to sharing with you what we have purchased for the children the near future. 

Today Class 1 and 2 went into the computer suite. The children practiced using the keyboard and mouse and created beautiful pictures using 2Publish. 

Tuesday 1st November 2022


The children in Reception were very excited to play on the Adventure Playground for the first time today. It was lovely to see them all following the rules so nicely and working together as a team to use the equipment safely.

Friday 21st October 2022


In Reception this week we have been learning all about the Hindu festival, Diwali. The children have made Rangoli patterns, using chalks outside and 2D shapes inside. Every child made a Diva lamp which they have now taken home. We also tried some Hindu dancing which they really enjoyed!

Tuesday 18th October 2022


Today in our PE sessions we used the large parachute. Children enjoyed making gentle waves before playing games. We discussed what made the parachute go up in the air and how we could feel the air blowing out as we lowered the parachute. Children took turns to run under the parachute, swopping places with the person opposite them! Great teamwork from Class 1 and Class 2. 

Friday 30th September 2022


The children had a lovely time at the Harvest Festival in St Aidan's Church this morning. Thank you to everyone who made a donation, which is going to the charity HARP.

Tuesday 27th September 2022


Reception enjoyed their first PE lesson today. The children listened well to Mr Barker and used different ways to safely travel round the hall. 

Thursday 22nd September 2022


Reception children enjoyed their first trip to our school library today. Mrs Mason showed the children where all the books were that may interest them. Everyone then had the opportunity to choose their own book to take home. These books will need to be back in school next Thursday for our next visit and to be changed for a new one. We hope you and your child enjoy sharing these lovely books. 

Friday 16th September 2022


The children have enjoyed having lunch at school this week! We have been so impressed at how sensibly they have entered the hall and collected their lunches. All children who have had school dinners have also been trying hard to use their knives and forks. 

Friday 9th September 2022


The children have had a fantastic start to school this week. We were so pleased at how sensibly they came in and settled in their classes. They have had lots of fun exploring the Reception Base and getting to know their new classmates. We look forward to welcoming them back next week!