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Friday 14th January 2022


Today in Science we learnt about eating a balanced diet. We learnt that there are two different types of fats and that unsaturated fats are the healthiest because they provide us with more vitamins and minerals. We can't wait to rummage through the kitchen cupboards over the weekend!

Thursday 13th January 2022


Today in Year 3, we have been learning about life in Roman Britain, The Roman Army and Boudicca and the Iceni Rebellion using Now>Press>Play.  Maybe you could ask your child some questions and see what they can tell you?

Friday 7th January 2022


We've been learning about food groups today and why we need to eat a balanced diet with food from all of the different food groups. 

Thursday 6th January 2022


We've been reading a myth called 'Romulus and Remus' this week in English and today we all got into character and acted out the main events. Can you tell who the twin baby brothers Romulus and Remus are and who is acting out Rhea Silvia being imprisoned?

Thursday 16th December 2021


What a tasty roast dinner that was! We're certainly in the Christmas spirit!

Friday 10th December 2021


Year 3 have had a fantastic couple of days designing and building robots for DT Day.

Wednesday 8th December 2021


Year 3 having been investigating magnetic forces in Science. Today they have been looking for magnetic and non-magnetic objectives in the class.


Tuesday 23rd November 2021


Today we were sent on a special mission to planet Earth to collect some good rock samples before the Firebreathers got hold of them! We tested the durability of different rocks with sandpaper, witnessed sedimentary rocks forming at the bottom of the ocean, extracted igneous rocks from a quarry and learnt about mining for metamorphic rocks-all in a day's work!

Friday 19th November 2021


This term we've been learning about forces and today we investigated friction. We placed a toy car on different surfaces and measured the height of the ramp when the car started moving. We tested wood, bubble wrap, sandpaper, sponge, plastic, fabric and cardboard. We had lots of discussion about which surface created the most friction and why. 

Monday 15th November 2021


Year 3 have been creating movements to fit in with the stages of a volcanic eruption. They used high levels and low levels, creating their movements in unison or in a canon. Can you tell what stage of the volcanic eruption we are showing in the pictures?

Monday 1st November 2021


Check out our push throwing technique that we learnt in PE!

Friday 22nd October 2021


Yesterday, a visitor from Rhythm Connections came to teach the children Samba drumming. Some of the children attended an assembly while others attended a workshop. They experienced drumming from Brazil and the rhythms used within a carnival. The children learnt how to memorise the rhythms, using sentences, and how the band leader communicates with the other musicians as they’re marching, dancing and playing.

Samba workshop - Class 7

Year 3 took part in a Samba workshop on Thursday 21st October.

Samba workshop - Class 8

Year 3 took part in Samba workshop on Thursday 21st October.

Wednesday 20th October 2021


Year 3 have been developing their skills in Computing lessons over the last few weeks. They’ve added tables to a Word document, saved online images, inserted the images onto a Word document, toggled between two programmes and have saved their work. 

Friday 15th October 2021


Today we've explored our Stone Age topic in our Art lesson. We created a mixed media piece, exploring texture and line. 

Wednesday 13th October 2021


Today, we followed instructions and then wrote out our own set of instructions on how to make a chocolate cake. We made sure to use 'time words', imperative ('bossy') verbs and lots of adverbs. It was delicious! 

Friday 8th October 2021


We created our own 'cave paintings' today based on the drawings that the Stone Age people would have made. We created our own paint using berries, mud and water and used natural resources in our environment as tools to paint with. 

Thursday 7th October 2021


Year 3 have been learning about instructional writing this week. Today, they followed instructions and made their own strawberry milkshakes in class.

Wednesday 6th October 2021


We've been following a set of instructions today on how to make an origami fish. It was really tricky but we helped each other, persevered and all showed excellent growth mindsets!

Friday 1st October 2021


Year 3 were very busy this morning cooking and tasting Stone Age fruit stew.

Monday 27th September 2021


What an exhausting day it's been! We've been to Stone Henge, hunted a woolly mammoth, cooked it on the fire, gathered some berries and made some tools using antlers and bones. It certainly wasn't easy living in the Stone Age period!

Friday 17th September 2021


'Feel Good Friday' was in full swing today. The children gave each other special messages to put a smile on their faces and thought of lots of reasons as to why they are all so amazing. 

Thursday 16th September 2021


Year 3 have been little tricksters this week and have been re-enacting the chapter 'The Wormy Spaghetti' from a book called The Twits by Roald Dahl. Mrs Twit played a devious trick on her husband. Can you guess from their facial expressions who played the role of Mr Twit and who was Mrs Twit?