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At Fairways Primary School, our ethos is that all children can achieve in Maths; this belief underpins our teaching and learning. We adopt a mastery approach, creating an inspirational, number-rich environment to meet the needs of all learners. Conceptual understanding is at the heart of our curriculum to enable our learners to develop a sustained and deep understanding of concepts, which can then be applied in a variety of situations. Our intention is that pupils will leave our school with a confident, positive attitude to Maths and that they will be equipped with the mathematical skills needed as they continue their learning journey into adulthood.



Our Maths Curriculum at Fairways Primary School is taught with the support of White Rose Maths. This scheme supports teachers to deliver the aims of The National Curriculum: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving using a Mastery Approach. The curriculum is cumulative; repetition and the re-visiting of skills are embedded as our learners make progress.

In EYFS, teachers and other adults working with pupils ensure the early mathematical development of learners to enable them to acquire early number sense. This is achieved through practical and engaging activities, which children can access together with adults, with their peers or independently to practise their Mathematical skills.

In KS1 and KS2, the Teaching for Mastery approach enables children to develop competence and confidence in Maths. All learners have full access to the curriculum, which is adapted to suit their needs. Teachers use a Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approach to provide pupils with a deeper understanding about mathematical strategies and methods. Children have opportunities to work collaboratively as well as independently as they apply their knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of ways.



By the end of KS2, our pupils are equipped with the Maths skills necessary to continue their Maths learning journey at secondary school. They will have the skills and confidence to calculate fluently, reason confidently and solve problems efficiently. As our pupils progress, they will be able to confidently discuss their mathematical understanding and will be willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes, having developed perseverance and resilience in their application of Maths. These attributes will equip our pupils for adult life in whatever role they fulfil.