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At Fairways, we believe that Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is fundamental to contributing to the personal development of our learners, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills to be healthy, independent and responsible citizens of our ever-evolving society. Our inclusive, spiral curriculum has been designed to ensure that all learners are supported to understand how they are developing both personally and socially. It provides learners with age-appropriate opportunities to address the many moral, social and cultural issues that are an innate part of growing up.

Our curriculum aims to stimulate the resilience of our learners and develop a life-long passion for learning. It has been designed to emphasise the importance of our school’s core values: Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance. It encourages them to develop a growth-mindset and an appreciation for their own self-worth. We aim to foster an appreciation of what it means to be part of a rich and diverse society and to identify how they can effectively contribute within this.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is interwoven throughout our PSHE curriculum with the intention of ensuring that learners understand and know how to respond to changes as they grow up. We whole-heartedly believe that learners should (in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner) be given opportunities to reflect on these areas, in order to ensure that they are able to cope with and manage transitions effectively and remain happy and safe in the world around them.  



Teaching of PSHE and RSE follows the National Curriculum guidance – delivered at Fairways through an inclusive, spiral curriculum. This ensures we are able to build a strong base of knowledge and skills which are built on year upon year to maximise learning for all children. Our planning model has been designed in accordance with out school’s core values: Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance. Long term plans are set out to ensure the needs of our children are met and all curriculum content is covered. They outline learning opportunities for each year group organised under specific question based focus areas. Cross-curriculum links are made with subjects to deepen and extend on topics where relevant.

Our PSHE plan covers all statutory requirements, drawing on the PSHE Association Programme of Study as guidance and it also covers areas that are responsive to our local context and the specific needs of the learners in our care. This allows teachers to tailor content to the direct needs of their pupils so that they are equipped with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills to make safe and informed decisions.

We also use the ‘Growing up with Yasmine and Tom’ scheme of learning to support the delivery of statutory relationships and health education for Key Stage 1 and 2. This document above highlights the modules and lessons in 'Growing up with Yasmine and Tom', which correspond to and cover DfE statutory content and guidance. Except for Upper Key Stage 2 (Y5&6) lessons 9/10/11/12 which parents can withdraw their children from, all lessons are directly linked to the guidance.



Fairways Primary School aims to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where a life-long passion for learning is nurtured. Our PSHE and RSE Curriculum is directly aligned with this purpose and equips children with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil positive, safe and meaningful lives far beyond Fairways Primary School. They become well rounded individuals who are able to make sense of the world they live in and how to be valuable members of society. They understand how to take care of both their physical and mental health. They will learn how to negotiate the world in which they live – knowing how to make informed decisions in all scenarios that will ultimately lead them to success.

Subject leaders and teachers will be able to monitor children’s ongoing progress in their PSHE lessons though a variety of methods including but not limited to student voice, assessment, questionnaires and discussions with children about the various topics covered across the PSHE and RSE curriculum.