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Thursday 10th October 2019


In Science, we have been talking about electrical conductors and insulators and have been planning a test to ascertain which material is the best electrical conductor. Last week, children planned an experiment and this week, they tested the equipment to check it would work for their investigations in the next lesson. They did a very quick, mini experiment to see if the length of tin foil had an effect on the brightness of the bulb. Please ask your child what their group of scientists discovered.

In English, we have been exploring language. Our lessons have focussed on descriptive words and phrases. In particular, we have been learning about onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors. The children played various games and matching activities to ensure their understanding of these terms, before writing some in their own sentences.

Thursday 3rd October


In Maths, we are currently working on multiplication. It is important to know and understand the language linked to multiplying and the children have been investigating factors, multiples, square numbers and cube numbers. Please ask your child to explain these terms as it will reinforce their understanding of the concepts and deepen their reasoning skills.

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Tuesday 1st October 2019


In PE, we were learning about Rugby. We worked in small groups to improve our passing and catching skills.

Thursday 26th September 2019


This week, in Science, Year 5 have been investigating which materials are good insulators. The children worked in teams to plan a test, complete an experiment and record their results, using their own ideas and scientific thinking. Please ask your child for details on how they did it and what they discovered from their findings.

Wednesday 18th September


In PSHE, this week we have been discussing what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We sat in a circle outside in the glorious September weather and discussed ideas by throwing and passing a beanbag. Children came up with sensible, mature ideas and showed respect to each other by listening to everybody speak.

Over the first few weeks, we have been reading The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes. Children have written descriptions and painted landscapes based on this. We have also made a neck ruff for a highwayman in our History/Art lessons.