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Thursday 5th March 2020 - World Book Day


Despite the weather, the children made a fabulous effort with their costumes for World Book Day. What a wonderful selection of characters we had in our year today. Well done!

Friday 7th February 2020


In Year 5, we have been learning all about fractions and decimals. This week, we demonstrated our understanding of the relationship between fractions and decimals and applied our knowledge to word problems and deepened our understanding through a range of practical activities.

Thursday 30th January 2020


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. On Monday and Tuesday, we were comparing and ordering fractions. The children have learned a very clever way of comparing fractions called The Butterfly Method. Ask your child if they can explain it to you as it is a very quick (provided you know your times tables) and easy way of working out which fraction is bigger or smaller.

Today we combined our fractions and measuring skills in a practical session. We were converting fractions of kg to grams and L to ml, measuring amounts of sand and water and then ordering these from lightest to heaviest/ heaviest to lightest. The children worked sensibly and collaboratively in groups to find the answers.

Tuesday 28th January 2020


Last week, Year 5 focussed their efforts on understanding about rubbish on land and in the water and the impact this is having on our planet. Children spent time researching different pollution and creating information booklets on their specific topic.

We also looked at recycling in our local area, learnt how different materials can be recycled and then we made posters displaying the information.

We all made a pledge that we felt was achievable in order to actively improve the environment.

Friday 10th January 2020


This half term, we are looking at Romeo and Juliet. The children have learnt about William Shakespeare and have been introduced to the beginning of the play. Although we will not be reading the original version in depth, we are exploring the plot, characters and sections of the play to demonstrate how the English language has altered over time.

On Wednesday, we read the prologue and deciphered some very difficult words and phrases. Yesterday, we learnt about the first section of Scene 1 and met the feuding families. The children came to understand the emotions of different characters and enjoyed creating the Shakespearean language of insults, much to their amusement.

Thursday 19th December 2019


After a fabulous concert on Tuesday evening, Year 5 spent Wednesday making a variety of Christmas crafts. They made steampunk inspired Christmas cards, paper book trees from old, ruined books and followed French instructions for making a Christmas shoe.


Over the term, the children have worked exceptionally hard and we are very proud of them. We hope you all enjoy a fabulous festive holiday and look forward to seeing you all again next term.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday 10th December 2019


Year 5 have been learning about the artist L S Lowry. They have tried imitating his style by using pencils to sketch out a cityscape in their sketchbooks and painting using a layering system to apply the paint methodically from the background to the foreground.

Friday 22nd November 2019


Every Friday, Year 5 enjoy time in the library. They always have a fabulous choice of books, carefully selected by Mrs Mason, our wonderful librarian, who considers the topics and areas of interest that the children have spoken to her about. The library has a variety of styles and genres for children to enjoy. They love sharing books and recommendations with each other, which is delightful to see. We encourage children to challenge themselves and choose different text types regularly so as to build up their vocabulary and broaden their knowledge of the world. Please remember to talk about your child’s choices and ask them to summarise, explain and form polite opinions about their books.

Monday 11th November 2019


Today in Year 5, we had an English/History lesson based on understanding why the poppy is important. The children demonstrated deep empathy and respect whilst discussing this emotional topic. We have learned about the history of the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and the resulting decision to sell poppies as a symbol of remembering those who have fallen.

Friday 25th October 2019


We have been learning about Capability Brown, an important landscape designer responsible for many beautiful gardens. The children were inspired to design their own palatial gardens considering shape and symmetry, and including some ideas from history, mixing it with modern day desires. After they had designed it, some drew more detailed designs, whilst other children created 3D relief versions. Then they painted over their initial designs with watercolour paints. Ask your child about what they included in their design and see if they can tell you what a Ha-Ha is.

Wednesday 23rd October 2019


In French, the children have been learning vocabulary linked to subjects and school life. After a few weeks of practising reading and speaking the words, children then began to create their own weekly school timetables, with lessons of their choice. They have created some lovely visual timetables that are well presented. Ask your child to tell you their favourite subject in French. Perhaps they will tell you more than one!

Monday 21st October 2019


In Art this term, we have been learning about Jon Constable, looking at some of his landscape paintings and discussing his style and technique. The children have had a chance to improve their sketching abilities and have learned about the different pencil grades. They have explored selecting the appropriate pencil required for a specific purpose and produced their own sketches based on some famous Constable paintings.

More recently, we have been using water colour paints. Last week, we enjoyed experimenting with different techniques and styles to create a variety of effects. This week, we sketched pictures of Hadleigh Castle and then painted them.

Friday 18th October 2019


This week, Year 5 have continued to learn about multiplication and division, deepening their knowledge and reasoning skills. In class, the children have been using place value counters to demonstrate physically the processes of multiplying and dividing. They then recorded the methods in their books, demonstrating a step by step understanding of the written methods.  

Thursday 10th October 2019


In Science, we have been talking about electrical conductors and insulators and have been planning a test to ascertain which material is the best electrical conductor. Last week, children planned an experiment and this week, they tested the equipment to check it would work for their investigations in the next lesson. They did a very quick, mini experiment to see if the length of tin foil had an effect on the brightness of the bulb. Please ask your child what their group of scientists discovered.

In English, we have been exploring language. Our lessons have focussed on descriptive words and phrases. In particular, we have been learning about onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors. The children played various games and matching activities to ensure their understanding of these terms, before writing some in their own sentences.

Thursday 3rd October


In Maths, we are currently working on multiplication. It is important to know and understand the language linked to multiplying and the children have been investigating factors, multiples, square numbers and cube numbers. Please ask your child to explain these terms as it will reinforce their understanding of the concepts and deepen their reasoning skills.

Tuesday 1st October 2019


In PE, we were learning about Rugby. We worked in small groups to improve our passing and catching skills.

Thursday 26th September 2019


This week, in Science, Year 5 have been investigating which materials are good insulators. The children worked in teams to plan a test, complete an experiment and record their results, using their own ideas and scientific thinking. Please ask your child for details on how they did it and what they discovered from their findings.

Wednesday 18th September


In PSHE, this week we have been discussing what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend to others. We sat in a circle outside in the glorious September weather and discussed ideas by throwing and passing a beanbag. Children came up with sensible, mature ideas and showed respect to each other by listening to everybody speak.

Over the first few weeks, we have been reading The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes. Children have written descriptions and painted landscapes based on this. We have also made a neck ruff for a highwayman in our History/Art lessons.

Academic Year 2019/2020