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Year 3

Friday 23rd September 2022


In Science this afternoon, we were introduced to sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.  To make this a little more tangible we used sweets to act as pieces of 'sediment'.  We squeezed these together to make 'sedimentary rock' then applied more pressure and heat from our hands to make 'metamorphic rocks'.  Finally, we heated the sweets in the microwave (volcano) to make igneous rocks as the sticky mess cooled down.   We will be looking at this more in subsequent weeks.

Thursday 22nd September 2022


We've had lots of fun using natural resources to create cave paintings, just like the Stone Age people did. We gathered the resources and used them to create different techniques. Can you see what prehistoric beats we've drawn?

Tuesday 20th September 2022


Today in French we were practising different basic greetings.  We got to say a simple conversation with our Learning Partners or find other people in the room to speak with.  The French accents were very impressive!

Thursday 15th September 2022


We've had lots of fun this morning acting out the 'Wormy Spaghetti' chapter from Roald Dahl's book The Twits. Mrs Twit was her usual devious self and snuck an eyeball and a lizard into Mrs Twit's spaghetti. It gave us lots of gruesome ideas for our Extended Write today!

Friday 9th September 2022


In our History lessons, we have been asking lots of historical questions about the Stone Age. We used a toilet roll to show a timeline of historical events that we had previously learnt about and discussed where the Stone Age period would fit on the timeline. We all couldn't believe how long ago it was!