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Year 4

Tuesday 7th February 2023


Today, in English, we began planning our own Polar Adventure stories with our Learning Partners.  You can see from the photos that we were quite engrossed in this.

Thursday 2nd February 2023


We've had great fun building circuits and then testing different materials to determine whether they were conductors or insulators. 

Wednesday 25th January 2023


Year 4 had a great time visiting the Southend and Westcliff Synagogue. We all learned a lot from Jeff and it was great to see the items we’d learned about in school in real life. It was great fun trying on the different kippahs. We gasped when the other Geoff opened the Ark containing the beautiful Torah Scrolls! Our very own ‘Rabbi Ralph’ went up on the bimah and stood where the real Rabbi would stand in front of the Ark and he even got to sit in the Rabbi’s chair!  


This trip wrapped up the unit of RE nicely, which asked: ‘What can we learn from religions about what is right and wrong?’ 


Talk to your grown-ups about the trip. What was your favourite part? How many artefacts can you remember? What are they used for? Why are they used? Why do the males wear a kippah?  Other words that might help: yad, menorah, mezuzah, rimonim, Hebrew.

Thursday 12th January 2023


Today in Science, Year 4 carried out an investigation to try to build a working electrical circuit. 

Tuesday 13th December 2022


Year 4 made Rocky Road bars.  We linked this idea to our theme of A Victorian Christmas as we learned that people in Victorian times made sweet treats as presents and tree decorations.

Thursday 17th November 2022


In Science today, Year 4 were set a challenge to create a set of pan pipes that created sounds of different pitches and explain why the pitch changed. 

Friday 14th October 2022


Year 4 enjoying learning about Ancient Egyptians through History, Geography, Art &DT and English.

During our DT lesson, as part of Ancient Egyptians Theme, we made hummus from chick peas. it was good fun and tasted great- just like you can buy, if not better!

We also completed a Now Press Play in Science this week based on the water cycle.